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Sanjeet Dhillon (Hygienist & Therapist)

(GDC - 134461)

I have been part of Frays Dental Centre since qualifying as a dental hygienist and therapist in 2011.

Over these years, I have worked with a few practices and Frays has always impressed me with its ethos of prevention and minimal dentistry being its primary focus. We operate as a team which prides itself on postgraduate development and an emphasis on constant improvement of clinical care and service to patients. The practice has developed a five surgery unit which provides a facility orientated around creating a one-stop shop for all our patients. Within the practice we have the resources to cater for prevention in its fullest sense while interweaving this philosophy with treatments ranging from simple and general to complex and specialist. The core ethos of the practice is that all patients should be educated to have a fundamental prevention-centered knowledge base. To this end, we have created a set of patient-focused dental plans which enshrine the principal of prevention.

Sanjeet Dhillon has been involved in dentistry since 2000 when she trained as a dental nurse and qualified in 2004. She continued to expand her role within the practice by obtaining qualifications in both dental radiography and oral health education and also took on a number of managerial responsibilities. In 2008, Sanjeet continued her career to qualify as a Dental Hygienist & Therapist at Kings College London. Sanjeet joined the team at Frays in August 2011. Having experience in many roles within dentistry it has given her a very clear insight and understanding to patient's needs. With CPD been an integral part of modern dentistry,

Sanjeet has a keen interest in learning and continually updates her skills and knowledge. She was also a finalist in the under 30's dental hygiene awards in 2013. Sanjeet enjoys travelling and spending quality time with her family in her spare time.

At Frays the greatest importance is on preventative dentistry, allowing the Hygiene Therapist to focus on the preservation of healthy teeth and gums and the prevention of disease and decay.

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