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Charisma Patel

Every patient is unique and important and has a tailored treatment plan according to their needs.

Charisma has worked at Frays for 20 years and continues to do so as she thoroughly enjoys treating her patients. Building and maintaining a happy and trustworthy professional relationship with patients in a kind, considerate and caring environment is of great importance to Charisma.

Charisma places a distinct emphasis on a preventive approach in maintaining a healthy mouth as it reduces the likelihood of toothache and the number of visits for dental treatment. It involves giving the patient time to talk to their dentist and for the dentist to listen and understand the patient before addressing their needs. Information on prevention can then be specific to each patient. This enables the patient to maintain optimal oral health. Charisma believes discussions with the dentist are important as recent research papers have also linked some health problems to oral health.

Charisma graduated from The Royal London and St. Bartholomew's School of Medicine and Dentistry in 1997 and has worked mainly in general practice. In 2002 she spent some time away from general practice to further her experience in oral medicine at King's College Hospital in London.

In 2006 she obtained the MFGDP from the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

She is committed to ongoing post graduate training, this enables her to offer new treatment options as well as all other aspects of dentistry. Charisma has a particular interest in cosmetic dentistry involving tooth whitening, short term orthodontic treatment and smile makeover treatments with a particular emphasis on using mercury free restorations.

She is highly skilled in the management of stress related dental problems, toothwear and emergency care to alleviate toothache. She works with specialists within the practice in the treatment of gum disease and implant treatments.

Charisma's compassionate and approachable attributes make her popular with nervous and highly anxious patients.

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