How to Protect Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel is the toughest part of our teeth but it still needs to be protected to prevent erosion. Taking steps to prevent enamel erosion can help to keep our teeth healthy and looking their best. What is Tooth Enamel? Enamel is the hard outer coating of the teeth. It is the hardest material in … Read More

Dental Care During the COVID-19 Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on all aspects of our lives, including dental care. Frays Dental Surgery is closed during the lockdown, but we are still here at the other end of the phone if you need urgent advice on your dental health. Can I See a Dentist During the COVID-19 Lockdown? … Read More

Coronavirus and Personal Hygiene – Remembering to Look After Your Teeth

Many dentists have recently closed as a result of government guidance instructing all non-essential workers to work from home or close business for the time being, and as a result thousands of routine dental appointments have been cancelled. Many people will be concerned not only about the virus and restrictions on social contact and leaving … Read More

Tooth Friendly Foods

What you eat and drink can have a big impact on your teeth. Eating a balanced diet is a key part of this as it will ensure your body has all the nutrients it needs to maintain healthy teeth and gums. However, there are also some harmful foods and drinks that you should limit or … Read More

What Treatments are Considered as Cosmetic Dental Treatments?

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a wide range of different treatments that can improve the appearance of your teeth. Getting a cosmetic treatment for your teeth can have a huge impact on the way you feel about your appearance. It can allow you to laugh, talk and smile more confidently.

When Should You Visit a Periodontist?

Most of us focus on our teeth when we think about our oral health but the underlying structures that support them can be just as important. If you have an issue with your gums then you may need to see a visit Frays Dental to see a periodontist in Uxbridge.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment in Children

Orthodontic treatment is used to correct the position or alignment of teeth. We can use orthodontic treatments such as braces to straighten crooked teeth, to reduce overcrowding, or to correct your child’s bite. Sometimes the issues detected by our orthodontists in Uxbridge will only require a slight correction but in other cases the treatments we … Read More

Who Can Have Dental Implants?

Dental implants can be the most natural looking and feeling option for tooth replacement but they aren’t right for everyone. Could you get dental implants at Frays Dental?

When Should You Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

The wisdom teeth or third molars are the last teeth to emerge and the ones that sit furthest in the back of the mouth. The wisdom teeth usually emerge between the ages of about 17 and 25. We usually have four wisdom teeth, two in the upper jaw and two in the bottom jaw but … Read More

Who is Suitable for Sedation?

If you’re about to have a complicated dental procedure or you’re feeling anxious about going to the dentist then you may be considering sedation treatment. Sedation can make dental treatment much easier for you, but it isn’t right for everyone.